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Earning cash from home is a pretty exciting thing, especially, when you can get money for something you are good at. All of us can write content, this fact makes paid to write websites especially popular. Thousands of people are making good money by writing reviews and articles. You could be the next to get paid to write online. This blog features the best websites, which pay money for both publishing and promoting content. Also I will post here my recommendations about other easy ways of earning money from home and will alert you about the sites, which are no longer paying. Are you excited already? Lets start learning about making money with article writing.

Make Money Online For Free – Sites Paying For Writing Articles and Reviews

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I am very much interested in ways of earning money by writing articles. I have just started this blog, but for several months I have been working hard on finding the best sites for earning money by writing content and reviews. Recently I have spotted a blog on how to make money online for free, which totally changed my vision on writing articles for money. More about it could be found here:

So far I have tested more than ten websites, which pay money for writing articles, I will be writing separate posts about them, but this will be some kind of a rating of sites, where I earn money by creating articles and reviews. – one of the first finding of mine. Here writers can create information pages, so called Squidoo lenses and make money by driving interested readers to their pages. Money are paid via PayPal on monthly basis. – the most popular Google Adsense revenue sharing website. With the help of HubPages you can create hubs on the topics of your choice, add your Google Adsense and Infolinks advertising and get money directly to your accounts (the revenue split is 60/40 though). is constantly looking for skilled freelance writers and reviewers. This is a professional marketing company, which pays top dollar for your writing, but the word “professional” should be stressed on. Newbie writers rarely have success with Break Studios right away. is an internet technology magazine, which is looking for guest bloggers. If you are interested in writing about technology and web related things and receive Google Adsense revenue share, then ShoutMeLoud is definitely something you should start thinking about. This is yet another cool way to make money for free by writing articles and reviews. allows you to share your expertise for a cash rewards. Factoidz owners are looking for skilled writers, who will be interested in creating content for their website. Even thought the cash rewards are not always that high, but top experts are making good money by writing for

I do hope that you will find this paid to write websites helpful and will be able to start earning money with the help of your writing skills. I will be adding new sites to this list, so I do hope to see you soon at Be A Savvy Writer.