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Earning cash from home is a pretty exciting thing, especially, when you can get money for something you are good at. All of us can write content, this fact makes paid to write websites especially popular. Thousands of people are making good money by writing reviews and articles. You could be the next to get paid to write online. This blog features the best websites, which pay money for both publishing and promoting content. Also I will post here my recommendations about other easy ways of earning money from home and will alert you about the sites, which are no longer paying. Are you excited already? Lets start learning about making money with article writing.

Triond - get paid to write and review websites

Monday, January 16, 2012

Every other time I run into new ways of earning money for free. Some of them bring money right away, some don’t, but you, as a person interested in making cash from home, should pick the right earning technique for you.

I am here to offer you a sure working technique, which could suit any Internet worker – writing articles and reviews for money. Personally I consider such technique highly effective, especially when there are such high quality “get paid to write” projects as

Triond is pretty similar to other websites, which offer revenue sharing (e.g. Squidoo and Hubpages), but here they pay you for every article you submit (provided it complies with all the rules and is approved by the moderator) and also give you additional money for the views of your content.

Apart from earning money by submitting articles to Triond, you can get money for uploading and sharing images (make sure you have the full rights for the pics you are willing to submit, Triond is a very strict system and they work hard in looking for copycats).

Speaking of sharing images for money, Triond pays approximately 20-25 cents for every 1000 views of your graphic material, which is a fair price, if we compare to other websites (I hope you don’t think that this free way of earning money is a waste of time, some of my pictures generated thousands of views per week, so there are good chances of making quick money). owners have made a lot of changes to their system, and now you can earn money by submitting content articles, images and even video and audio files. In order to provide us with the highest revenue for our work, Triond publisher our contributions on popular high traffic websites, so with this service writers gain exposure and get paid fast.

Make sure to check out this incredible service, it is free to use and make good money with. The application form takes just several minutes to complete and these several minutes is the only thing, which keeps you back from making your first money on the web. Good luck and happy earning with freelance content writing and reviewing.